Greco Societa’ Agricola was born out of a family’s shared passion for exceptional flavours. Starting in the 1850s, the founding family cultivated vegetables on the land near the Reserve of Torre Guaceto in Italy’s fertile Apulia region. The family’s claim to this land has since expanded to 250 hectares of olive trees and vineyards. The farming project has since grown to cross national borders, establishing itself as an important player in the food industry. Greco operates with the central goal of exporting the goodness, the taste and the flavours of Italy to dinner tables across the world.


Though a new generation of children and grandchildren has taken over the reins of the company, they do so while pursuing with passion the original intent of the founders: offering customers a genuine, nutritious and tasty product. Though the artichoke of Apulia is Greco’s flagship product, the company produces tomatoes, aubergines, courgettes, peppers and many other food items. Greco also produces extra virgin olive oil, which is farmed organically, as well as organic tomato puree.