Established in 1954 in Italy’s fertile Apulian plain, Fiordelisi is the life’s work of Antonio Fiordelisi, a man who was dedicated to the art of growing and harvesting vegetables. In 1978, Antonio’s four sons joined the company and helped to establish what has now become a long tradition of producing and preserving high quality sun-dried tomatoes. In its first decade, Fiordelisi became Europe’s undisputed leading supplier of sun-dried tomatoes; this was shortly followed by semi-dried tomatoes and other dried vegetables.


From the selection of seeds to the pruning of crops, Fiordelisi carefully monitors the entire vegetable production process. The company’s core mission centres on a field-to-fork concept, which ensures that only genuine and safe products are brought to market.


Fiordelisi views quality with the utmost importance. The company monitors the production chain from beginning to end using an in-house analytical laboratory and external specialized facilities. The production process undergoes frequent and accurate controls, from raw materials to final products.


Fiordelisi understands that quality means promise and commitment — a promise of authenticity and respect of nature and a commitment to carefully refine and optimize each step of the production process. This double value is evident in the numerous product and process certifications that the company has obtained over the years.


In addition to sun-dried tomatoes, Fiordelisi offers a wide variety of products, including grilled or sun-dried aubergines, courgettes, artichokes, peppers and chili peppers, as well as semi-finished and finished products, such as bell peppers filled with tuna or goat cheese and sun-dried vegetable mixes. This great differentiation is aimed at meeting the changing needs and trends of the market.