In 1902, the Cassetta family started Biolevante Srl in the city of Andria, in the Apulia region, an area that is well known for its long tradition of olive tree cultivation. The family decided to transform their love for the land and extra virgin olive oil into a business. The early years were challenging, yet Biolevante still managed to become a point of reference for those who wished to consume a product of excellence, with a balanced and strong flavour at the same time. The oil radiated a scent of the earth and passion for quality.

Since then, the company has grown greatly, maintaining the right mix of tradition and new technology with a passion for healthy, sincere and genuine things as well as the awareness to pass on this age-old experience in perfect harmony with nature. Old methods are still used today during the olive harvest, such as the use of ladders and the combing method, which requires the use of a large wooden instrument to gently comb the olive branch, thus collecting the olives without damaging the leaves.


Biolevante extra virgin olive oil combines a fruity aroma and a fragrant and persistent flavour with a very low acidity level and high oxidation stability. It is best used both raw as a dressing and to prepare Mediterranean recipes, as well as for diets with reduced cholesterol content.


The company produces an extensive range of olive oils that can be packed in many different sizes and types of packaging. They can also pack private labels and are very flexible, allowing us to meet our customer requirements.


They also invest in green energies including solar panels in order to have the lowest possible impact on the environment.


In 2007, Biolevante appointed Bontà Italia as its sole agent for the U.K. and Ireland.