One of Bontà Italia’s first suppliers, the family-operated Acetificio Mengazzoli, has been producing vinegar since 1962, when Giorgio Mengazzoli started the company in the Italian city of Mantua, which has a long tradition of vinegar producers.


Today the company is run by Giorgio’s children, Elda and Cesare, who have initiated significant growth in exports to Europe, Asia, Africa, the Americas and Oceania. Although tradition has always played a significant role in the family business, the company proactively incorporates new technologies to benefit production, especially when it comes to large distribution. A timeless care for quality and health has long been Acetificio Mengazzoli’s guiding principle.


Acetificio Mengazzoli represents the perfect marriage of quality and innovation. Apart from the company’s Balsamic vinegars and classic red and white wine vinegars, Acetificio Mengazzoli produces an extensive range of flavoured wine vinegars that are infused with herbs, flowers, and fruits, as well as a range of seasonings that have been fermented and flavoured with concentrated natural fruit juice, such as apple, mango, raspberry, pomegranate and grapes. The company has also teamed up with international chefs to develop a range of balsamic vinegar creams, which are available in several flavours: truffle, basil sourced from the Liguria region, vanilla, hot chilli pepper, soya with ginger, soya with wasabi sauce, lemon, mango, chestnut, raspberry, fig, peach and a pairing of hazelnut and pear. These products were designed to exalt the taste of almost any cuisine, with a specific attention to dish decoration.


A passion for healthy eating has guided the creation of Acetificio Mengazzoli’s unique line of organic wine vinegar and organic apple vinegar. All of the company’s organic products comply with the EEC regulations on organic production.