Quality Assurance


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At Bontà Italia, quality assurance is of the utmost importance. In 2011, we appointed food auditing and certification business Micron2 as our technical consultants. Micron2 has deep experience and heritage in the world of food auditing and certification, product specifications and labels, product sampling and quality systems. Its partnership helps to ensure the excellence that our clients and consumers have come to expect from Bonta Italia.


Quality means promise and commitment: a promise of authenticity and care for the environment and a commitment to ensuring that all products are monitored at every step in the process — from production and packaging to import and distribution.


All of Bontà Italia’s suppliers are certified, and we only buy products from companies that are BRC accredited. Furthermore, Micron2 regularly audits the companies we partner with to ensure that each one conforms to our standards and requirements while also meeting all of the U.K. Food Safety Standards. Our systems ensure full product traceability from factory to customer.

We regularly carry out quality controls on the products that we import, an extra measure that helps us ensure that our customers receive only the finest quality ingredients.


We are in the process of obtaining the certification for BRC Global Standards for Agents and Brokers. If a product is good enough for Gino and Marco, it’s good enough for everyone.