Riso Vignola

Piemonte, Alessandria, Balzola


From saffron-infused rice balls to creamy mushroom risotto, rice plays a leading role in Italian cuisine. Italian rice comes in a wide range of grains and textures, with short, medium and long-grain varieties. Arborio is the most widely recognised of the Italian rice varieties, and it is commonly used in risottos because it easily absorbs flavour while remaining firm. In addition to rice, there are several important grains and cereals in the Italian diet, including barley and spelt Which are great in soups and salads.

Available Sizes

1 kg

1 kg

  • Pack Type MAP
  • Pack Size 10x1 kg
  • Items per Layer 12
  • Items per Pallet 84
  • Inner Case Barcode 8002130204725
  • Outside Case Barcode 18002130204722

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