Polenta Tradizionale Istantanea

La Grande Ruota

Lombardia, Brescia, Dello


Polenta which is made from corn flour is a centuries-old staple food of northern Italy, it can be cooked in several different ways and is great with porcini mushrooms or sausage in a rich tomato sauce. Couscous is made from steamed and dried durum wheat and is made into lots of tiny granules. It originated from North Africa but is now widely used across the world as an alternative to pasta in salads and soups.

Available Sizes

500 g

500 g

  • Pack Type BAG
  • Pack Size 10x500 g
  • Items per Layer 16
  • Items per Pallet 144
  • Inner Case Barcode 8000786100248
  • Outside Case Barcode 18000786100245

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