GOMO is Bontà Italia’s oldest brand — one that is synonymous with quality and consistency. GOMO was born in 2003 when Gino & Marco tried to register the brand under the name POMO, a catchy abbreviation for Pomodoro the Italian word for tomato. Fittingly, the logo had been designed to feature both of the letter O’s as juicy, round tomatoes. But the registration of the brand and logo were rejected. Apparently, the name was too similar to another brand owned by a multinational food company and so, without thinking too much about it, Gino & Marco swapped the letter “P” with “G,” giving life to GOMO which contained both of their initials.


Before a product receives the GOMO seal, it is meticulously reviewed by Gino & Marco.

Both the food supplier and the food item are subject to a stringent process to ensure they meet a level of standard set by Gino & Marco. Only when all criteria are met will a GOMO product be brought to market.


The first product ever to be packed under the GOMO brand was Gino & Marco’s Italian Plum Tomatoes, which very quickly gained a reputation as a high quality ingredient sought after by professional chefs. Tomatoes are the star of many Italian dishes, which is why GOMO only imports premium plum tomatoes in a thick tomato juice. Rich in both flavour and colour, GOMO’s plum tomatoes are the difference between a good Italian dish and a great one. This flagship product has set the standard for all the other GOMO products to come.

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